Who’s Begging?

April 24, 2017 10:11 am Published by

Wrrrrrufff all you poodles, bulls, pointers, mutts and what have we! Seamus here. Today I would like to talk about something woofing important. Silly humans call it “begging.” I call it “They’re clumsy and will drop something any second now.” This topic is close to my heart as I LOVE food.


My human parents have always let me have all the dog food I can eat. I mean they keep my bowl full at all times. Sounds amazing huh? Well the thing is… it’s always the same food! I mean it’s good and all… but it doesn’t smell like lasagna or taste like any kind of sausage. It’s just these little pieces of faintly smelling something-something. Not sure what.


So I guess I can’t really say that I would ever go hungry. My tummy is always full. My brothers from another mother (the ones with silly long ears) eat the weirdest stuff. They go mad over hay and carrots for example. Sometimes I sit and chow with them just for woofs. They never touch my food, by the way, so I’m sure they got way better stuff than I do.


The great thing is that I get all kinds of treats in addition to my boring doggy food. I get yummy supplements to keep my mouth clean, my joints nice and bouncy and my body full of energy. Sometimes when it’s hot or I’ve been jumping around like the bundle of joy I am, my human-Mama even puts stuff on my water bowl! It’s called Aptus Sport X electrolytes. It’s supposed to be some sort of recover drink for doggies but I think it’s more like pudding or a milk shake. Cookies are great too, I get a lot of them when I play dead on the floor. I don’t want to over-analyze why my humans find me being dead so funny. There’s clearly something wrong with them but I don’t want to point any paws at anyone.


One thing I’m not allowed to do is to kindly ask for my humans food. I mean I’m not even asking to get ALL of it… just a bite or two. Usually I’m a “good boy for not begging” and I go lie down somewhere while my greedy parents munch away. Every now and then if they have something crinkly in a bag, my bunny friends start begging too! This makes my human mama laugh although they aren’t allowed to beg either. So many rules!


Anywoof, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their story about begging? If you’re shy and don’t want to write anything yourself, send your picture with some begging-information to me via paw-mail and I will do the rest. I would love to know if my long-eared-buds and I are the only sweet tooths around here.


Have a Wiggly and Waggy day Y’all,


Seamus – the Master Beggah.

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