Dogs and Their Owners.

July 7, 2017 11:44 am Published by

Small dogs. Big dogs. Puppies. Senior dogs. Rescue dogs. Agility dogs. Flyball dogs. Couch potatoes. Don’t get me started on breeds…


Our four legged children are all unique and different from one another. We as dog owners may have a breeder we prefer, or we are 100% dedicated to adopt our furry family members. Some of us take part in Obedience classes, some of our dogs are the shining stars of Agility. Then there are others, such as my dog and I, who like to take long walks in the woods and hang out at the horse stables.


Today’s dog owner has the luxury of social media to find others who are interested in the same activities, breeds and social gatherings as they are themselves. It’s easy to stay in touch with your dog owner friends and ask for advice on one of the many forums talking about health issues, food options, and trust worthy pet sitters in your local area. Social Media can also bring the downside of arguing over other dog owner’s poor choices, breed preferences or training methods. Sometimes the going gets crazy and we forget what brings us all together… the joy of loving our precious and loyal canine friends.


My work promoting Aptus pet health products gives me the opportunity to talk with hundreds of pet owners around the world. Mostly my new friends and customers are located in the United Kingdom. It has been more than a handful of times when I’ve rapidly blinked my eyes in the middle of our open office so I wouldn’t start bawling my eyes out after reading yet another rescue dog story or learning about a senior dog who has just passed away leaving their humans behind with bitter sweet memories of their time spent together. I’ve learned a lot and been beyond surprised by all the people offering intelligent conversations full of useful hints and advice.


I want to THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my paw shaped heart for these precious moments together and for your time spent sending us your stories, pictures and questions. I am humble and happy to be part of our Aptus UK family and wish you all stress-free and healthy summer.


With Woofs,

Teija & the Aptus Team

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