Keep Calm & Play Flyball!

August 15, 2017 8:19 am Published by

“I have transferred 3 of my dogs across onto the Apto-Flex joint supplement. Milly is 8 years old and has double hip dysplasia and is bounding around like an 8 month old puppy!! She returned to Flyball in April following 9 months of intensive hydro and physiotherapy to rebuild her muscles but she would often show signs of stiffness after competing even though she was using another joint supplement. With Apto-Flex she takes it easier as we just pour it in her breakfast. The other supplement we used to use was a tablet which she used to spit out but she loves the taste of Apto-Flex. She now competes more and there are no signs of stiffness and she is throwing out some of her best times!! She still has regular hydrotherapy sessions but whereas before you could see her back legs start to tire and her swimming motion would get lazy she now powers through a full session and there is no tiring her out!! 


Rio is 4 years old with no issues and has taken well to the Apto-Flex. She competes in Flyball but we also take part in canicross ( cross country running with a dog harnessed to me and pulling me). Despite the amount of exercise and training we do she too has shown no signs of stiffness.


Hydra is 14 months old and has just started her flyball career. We have been pushing her hard recently and as well as starting to compete in Flyball she too has just started canicross with me. We started with short distances but she now regularly runs 5km with me and has no signs of stiffness or injury.


We did try to transfer Blaze across to Apto-Flex too but unfortunately she just didn’t like the taste of it and refused to eat her food with it on but she is extremely fussy and we have always struggled to introduce new supplements to Blaze.


The X Sport hydration powder they love. It is so easy to make up and all of my racing dogs lapped it up after mornings racing whereas I used to struggle to get them to drink after racing. They were all rehydrated and raring to go for the afternoons racing. Ocean is the worst as she would normally refuse to rehydrate and would often suffer cramp in hot weather but no issues on the last couple of competitions. We have the Outdoor British Championships coming up in a couple of weeks and Ocean will be battling it out in the top 18 UK teams. She will have to contend with Speed Trials on the Friday and then a full day of racing on the Sunday so Sport X will definitely be put to the test then!!”

— Cheryl Quinn, British Flyball competitor

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