What is Flyball? (interview by Famous-Seamus)

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Can you briefly bork us who you are? (I myself, am Famous-Seamus, but because I’m famous, no need for more introduction)

Woof. I’m Milly and I’m an 8 year old border collie who lives with my owners and my furry sisters in the UK.


What do you do for living? (I mostly play dead, drool and jump on people)

I am a Flyball dog who competes in British Flyball. I have been competing in Flyball for 6 years now. It started off as a bit of a chore because I was unfit and overweight but then as I got fitter and lost the weight I loved it. I now cant get enough of Flyball and I live for the sport. It is my favourite thing to do of all time other than to eat of course. I have both British and European titles to my name. I developed a bit of a problem with my hips last year and had to be retired which I hated!! I got depressed and didn’t want to do anything. I just wanted to be left alone to sleep and my owners could see I just wasn’t happy so with the help of a canine physiotherapist, sessions of hydrotherapy and Apto – Flex joint supplement I have made a come back. It has taken several months but I was back competing earlier this year and am as fit as I can be. I am however carefully monitored.


WTW (what-the-woof) is Flyball?

Flyball is the fastest growing dog sport in the UK and is basically a relay race for dogs. There are 4 dogs in a team. Each dog has to run over four jumps, turn on a flyball box to retrieve a ball (which is a finely trained skill in itself) and then return over the same four jumps with the ball. The ball cannot be dropped until you have crossed the line. If the ball is dropped early then its a fault. If any of the jumps are missed out then its a fault. If my team dogs cross too early then its a fault. We also race against another team. The first team out wins and it is the best of five races. For each successful leg we run with no faults we receive points. The number of points is dependant upon how fast the team runs. We gather these points throughout out flyball career and receive awards at special occasions. I’ve just received my Jade Award which means I have earnt a whopping 35’000 points.


Bork us a funny story or a mishap that happened to you or your friends? (Me? The other day, I was relaxed, snoozing away, and a loud POOFF escaped my buttocks. It scared me so bad, I jumped off the sofa!)

My funny story is that I get so excited at Flyball I just can’t contain myself and I have to bark…a lot and make a lot of noise. I just can’t help it. I was lined up to race and on this occasion I was running second. The first start dog and her owner were bent down right in front of me and I just got so excited that I bit the owners bottom. I tried to blame it on my owner and look all sweet and innocent but it didn’t work!!


What kind of cookies you get during Flyball Fun? (COOKIES!!)

I do not get cookies during Flyball but that is my choice. I prefer to play ball for my reward so I run as fast as I can, over the four jumps. I get my ball out of the box and I run as fast as I can back over the jumps to my owner and give her the ball. She then plays catch with me some more. Just me and her and this is all I want!!


Can any pooch be a Flyball champion? (…even couch potatoes??)

Absolutely any pooch can be a Flyball Champion. I was the couch potato. I was overweight and unfit but Flyball really did help me. I lost the weight and got fit. I am in tip top condition and even with my hip dysplasia I can still compete. Just find a good team that trains using positive reinforcement methods and start off steady. I promise you, you will love it.


Let’s play ball!


With Woofs,

Seamus & Milly

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