The Service uses session cookies to collect information regarding the language selected by the user when using or accessing the Service.

A cookie is a small text file that a web browser saves on a user’s device. Cookies are used, for example, when a web service wants to save a user’s information when the user moves from one page to another.

The session cookies used in the Service are cookies that are temporarily stored on the user’s device’s memory in order to follow which language the user has selected. Session cookies are stored on the user’s device as long as the user’s browser is open. Session cookies disappear when the user closes the browser. When the user opens the browser again, a new session cookie is created.

These session cookies collect the user’s device’s identificaton ID, such as IP address, MAC address or other identificaton ID, which is used to identify the user’s device (such as computer, mobile phone or handheld device).

If the user disapproves the use of cookies, the Service will not be able to adjust the language settings for the user.

The user may change the settings to disable cookies or to enable/disable them as selected by the user. Please review your options to change your cookie in web browser’s “help” file.

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