Aptus Apto-Flex ― Powerful & Palatable Joint Care Syrup


Sporting dogs, senior dogs, large breeds, fast growing puppies, and dogs prone to joint issues need a powerful joint supplement that truly works.

Aptus Apto-Flex is in a liquid form (syrup) which makes it fast absorbing and more effective than a tablet, pill, or a powder.

Dogs love the taste ― it is easy to give!



My 3yr old very large bouvier has both front knees displaced, the vets said no long walks ,keep him calm and he will have a few years without pain, i didn’t want him on painkillers. Some world changing person told me about aptus, it really is miracle stuff. You won’t be dissapointed with the results(2 weeks for fred), he is now off all meds, runs around for hours and i don’t remember the last time he limped.
—Mrs Eastwell (verified purchase)


Cannot rate this product highly enough. Our nine year old Husky has become much more comfortable and willing to go for longer walks since we bought the first bottle. Now we are on to our second and he even asks for it! Will continue to purchase as the effects are fantastic!
—Laura30213 (verified purchase)



Aptus Apto-Flex Helps Your Dog in 5 Different Ways:

  • MSM (anti-inflammatory properties and natural mobility relief)
  • Collagen (source of structural and protective nutritional aminoacids for joints)
  • Glucosamine (slows down development of joint issues)
  • Chondroitin (increases the amount of synovial fluid)
  • Hyaluronic acid (provides softness and flexibility for cartilages)




0-10 kg   2,5 ml / day
10-20 kg   5 ml / day
20-40 kg   10 ml / day
40-60 kg   15 ml / day
60-80 kg   20 ml / day

Cat:   2,5 – 5ml / day


***NEW Price!*** Only £29 at Amazon UK
(appr. £0.80 / day depending on your dog’s weight)

Aptus SportX


Aptus Sport X contains Glucose and Maltodextrin which give the dog energy and essential electrolytes for maintaining fluid balance.

Use during and after exercise, sickness, stressful situations, or on a hot day. Veterinarians recommend electrolytes intake after a dog has suffered a heat stroke, diarrhea or vomiting.

Mix Sport X powder with water or add to feed. The reconstituted solution looks like plain water, and it has a neutral taste.

Sport X is a great healthy sport drink for all dogs. The essential minerals and salts that Sport X contains, are also a great support for upset stomach and stressful situations, such as travelling, moving or changing daily routines.




Glucose 60 %
Maltodextrin 33 %
Potassium chloride 3,4 %
Sodium chloride 3,4 %

Analytical constituents:
Inorganic substances 7 %



Add to drinking water or mix with food. One package contains 10 liters of dehydration drink.

£19 (10 pouches) at Amazon UK FREE Delivery in the United Kingdom.

(Amazon orders over £20)

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